About Us

We are what we eat!  Our wellness depends on many aspects, but the food we consume is paramount among them. We recognise that over the years, our food habits are getting changed.online grocery store. A lot of processed foods, containing additives, chemicals and even adulterants are peddled to the masses through the strength of aggressive marketing.  On a long term this can be detrimental to our physical wellbeing. But what our grandma prepared for us decades ago still testifies as safe and healthy. Certainly the time tested ethnic food products have their own merits and health advantages. They are not processed to include harmful additives and preservatives. They are simple, nutritious and fibrous foods. Each State in India is a unique flower in a garden of senses and their food too reflects this uniqueness. Foods that are natural or naturally processed provide a well-rounded diet to the body.  Due to the advent of the modern food industry, these food items have unfortunately getting vanished gradually or taken a backseat to a westernized or even globalized palette. But no more. We set forth on a mission to provide high quality, nutritionally dense and traditionally perfected foods back to the people. At Ethnic India, we hope to preserve our traditional recipes and culinary methods, propagate them and create a platform for easy access to such food items.  Discover the essence of India in one easy spot. Enjoy fresh and high quality ingredients and relive the simple joys of an older time.online grocery shopping india.

Browse through our virtual aisles and take heart in the knowledge that we deliver everything to your doorstep. Moreover we stand behind our products and would be happy to give a full refund if you were dissatisfied in the least. Our prices might be low but our quality and standards are not. What was old, is new again. We hope you join us on this culinary journey